Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today's Column and T Touch

I have been a newspaper columnist for 25 years.  For many of those years, I had to crank one out evey week and it ran in several papers.  For the last five years, blessed relief, it has been running every other Sunday in only the Columbus Dispatch.

So, a column was due for this Sunday and, of course, I couldn't get onto any track other than what I'm immersed in at the moment: guide dog trining!  To read today's column on this favorite subject, go here:

This morning, I attended a session on T Touch.  I've heard of it but knew next to nothing.  It is a truly amazing skill set of massage touches to use on animals for comfort and healing.  It was so cool to see half a dozen excited dogs blissfully conked out on the floor in a matter of seconds after we learned the first touches.  I can't wait to get home and try them out on Tuscan as well, not to mention my two cats, Ophelia and Thomas.

My daughter, Melinda, has a cat with significant developmental disabilities and health issues, and T Touch will probably help him enormously, too. 

It continues to pour, pour, pour, along with more thunder to spice things up a bit!


  1. Ahhh, it's not a surprise that you are a columnist. I have read each of your posts now and have been appreciating your wonderful writing skills. Full of such great insight and interesting details, I enjoyed catching up on your past week's journey.

    We live in the Bay area and have raised one puppy for GDB. Cabana didn't make it as a guide, but she is a true member of our family now. I hope we'll raise another pup in the future.

    I look forward to following your adventures with Flo!

  2. Loved your column. Thanks for sharing your journey. Hope you have a great day and perhaps some sunshine soon.

  3. Our family read the blogs with tears in our eyes. As Flo's puppy co-raisers, we can see Flo in each of your posts about your adventures. We are so happy to know Flo is doing what she has always wanted to do, and gratified to hear that she has bonded with you! Enjoy your spunky new little race car - she will take you on many adventures!